Created by:
Marcelo Marfil
Updated 01/22 with the note: Unfortunately, I'm not taking requests for new icons. Feel free to make your own with the source document provided. 2007 was rough year for me. Failure after failure, I was growing incredibly frustrated with the graphic design business. So much that I not only quit my job as art director in an advertising agency, but almost quit design completely. Until one day, I heard about this thing called Twitter, and started to follow strangers on the internet who also happened to customize their OS icons (shoutout to Phill Ryu and đŸ‘‹) I'd never realized there was a thriving community of people sharing their work, giving feedback, and most importantly, being kind while sharing their interest in this tiny corner of the internet. It was crazy. I had no idea how special was that moment—and think most folks back then had no clue either. Most people I know from that time became either entrepreneurs, well-recognized designers or inspiring individuals I'm proud to call friends. Hell, I even get to work with some of them TODAY at @sketch, 13 years later. Icon theming and OS customization changed my life. Even though I was simply trying to have some fun back in the day, it never occurred I'd make a career out of it. While creating the theme I'm making available here, it only made sense to craft it as a reminder of gratitude that I have for all these moments and people I had the privilege to learn from and meet on this journey. My sincere thank you.