A marketplace centered on iOS Icons and Homescreens allowing for discovery and ease.

Hi, I'm Chris Guimarin and I created ios-homescreens.com. While quarantined at home when the new iOS came out and seeing designers sharing their icon sets on Twitter, I realized that there could be value in a marketplace focused entirely around personalizing an individual's iOS experience without jailbreaking.

Two events catalyzed the idea to make this, one was seeing @traf's success on selling his icon sets. It is also a great example of a designer using no-code solutions to sell a digital good. I had never created something outside of my personal site in a no-code way and saw that this could be the perfect thing to do. The second event was this tweet by Austen Allred

I realized that I could tap into this moment and sharpen my webflow and other no code tool skills.

Loved to hear your thoughts, let me know on twitter @ChrisGuimarin

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